Oral Health Colorado (OHCO)

About OHCO

Our oral health plays a role in everything from the ability to eat our favorite foods to the strength of Colorado’s economy. For 15 years, Oral Health Colorado (OHCO) has been raising awareness of the importance of oral health, and we won’t stop until all Coloradans enjoy a just and equitable oral health care system.

All Coloradans benefit when we all have good oral health. Applying resources to ensure equitable oral health care can:

  • Help prevent diabetes, cardiovascular issues and immune system disorders
  • Avoid using public funding to address those and other public health problems
  • Boost employment, improve productivity and minimize lost working days
  • Maintain good mental health for all members of the community

But having good oral health means more than just brushing, flossing and seeing a dentist regularly. For many Coloradans, the road to good oral health is full of obstacles.

Lack of transportation, inadequate access to nutritious food or fluoridated water, language barriers and insufficient health insurance are some of the systemic obstacles many of our neighbors, friends and coworkers face. Age, disability and discrimination based on race, ethnicity or sexual orientation also keep many among us from achieving and maintaining good oral health.

Our mission is to eliminate these hurdles. At OHCO, we create meaningful partnerships with organizations, networks and influencers to clear the path to excellent oral health for all Coloradans.


Save the date for OHCO’s annual awards luncheon and meeting, Friday, April 28th from 10am to 1:30pm. Location TBD. Nominate someone to receive an award for their excellence in oral health in Colorado here.


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