How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System?

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While cannabis remains mostly illegal in the USA, especially at the federal level, it is still the most commonly consumed drug in the states. According to a national survey done on drug use and health, there was an 18.7% (52.5 million individuals) prevalence of cannabis use over 12 months. This may be partly because it is legalized in some states in the USA. While cannabis has some beneficial effects, its harmful effects are substantial enough to make it an illicit substance and subsequently banned in the workplace.

It is why employers mostly perform drug tests to test for cannabis use and also why employees who use this substance mostly want to know “how long does weed stay in your system” to ensure their body is free from cannabis before the drug tests.

How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System?

Cannabis contains about 120 psychoactive substances of which only two, cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), are properly understood. People use cannabis for various reasons as it is beneficial for various purposes such as to help in the treatment of various medical conditions such as chronic pain, anxiety disorders, migraine, and seizures. However, the most common reason associated with the use of cannabis is usually for recreational purposes (primarily to get high).

When And Why Do Employers Drug Test

Many companies nowadays drug test their employees to ensure that they are free from the effects of illicit drugs. This recreational use of cannabis makes for potential addiction in many individuals which can have quite a negative effect on the productivity of such individuals at work. Hence, why cannabis drug tests for employees are a norm in various companies.

Drug testing can be done by employers as an employment requirement. This is to potentially sieve out likely drug addicts and to ensure the mental competence of the prospective employees. It can also be done as a standard routine procedure to ensure good physical health and mental competence of their employees but also to ensure optimal, safe, and efficient service delivery to clients. This usually involves a supervised or unsupervised drug test in which urine samples are taken and sent to the lab to be investigated for the presence of metabolites of illicit drugs which THC is one of the drugs companies look out for, especially in states where it is not legalized.

Employees can be forced to pass a drug test in states where the use of marijuana is not legal. Although in some other states, there are limits to how drug tests are done in workspaces.

How Long Does Weed Stay In Your Body

As already stated, cannabis contains about 120 psychoactive substances whose nature and mode of actions are still being studied by scientists today. However there are two prominent psychoactive components of cannabis which are fairly well understood today, and these include cannabidiol (CBD) and 11-hydroxy-delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). These psychoactive components end up becoming active metabolites in the body when cannabis is ingested.

When an individual ingests cannabis, it is metabolized primarily in the liver into these active metabolites and temporarily stored in tissues such as fat tissues (since it is a lipid-soluble substance) and body organs. The effects of cannabis in the body (beneficial or harmful) are exerted through these active metabolites (CBD and THC). After a while, these metabolites are excreted from the body majorly in the kidney via urine.

How long weed stays detectable in the body depends on how much cannabis was ingested and how frequently was it ingested. While there is a certain detection window of cannabis in the body after ingestion, the duration of detection of weed in the body is still directly proportional to the amount and frequency of ingestion of cannabis. That is, the more you take cannabis, the longer it stays detected in your system.

This is evidenced by various detection methods which are commonly employed by various companies for their drug tests. These various drug screening methods test for the active metabolites of cannabis amongst other illicit drugs in blood, urine, or other screening samples. For example, below is the relationship between the dosage of use and the detection period of THC in urine according to a research done by Karen E. Moeller et al in 2017.

Amount of use Detection period
Mild usage (single use) 3 days
Moderate usage (about 4 times per week) 5 days
Chronic usage (daily usage) 10 to 15 days
Severe chronic use (multiple times per day) 30 days or more

What Factors Affect How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System?

As already established, how long weed stays detectable in the body depends on how much cannabis was ingested and how frequently was it ingested. However, there are other factors that may influence the detection period of weed in your system and provide answers to the question “how long does marijuana stay in your system?”. Some of these factors include

  • Body mass index (BMI). This is a measure of your weight in relation to your height. It is a good indicator of obesity in humans. An abnormally high BMI suggests overweight or obesity which also suggests that an individual has an abnormally high amount of fat in the body. In short, the higher the BMI, the longer weed stays in your body. This is due to the fact that cannabis is a fat-soluble substance that tends to get accumulated in fat tissues in the body.
  • Metabolic rate: Individuals with high metabolic rates such as normal high metabolizers or people living with hyperthyroidism tend to excrete cannabis and its metabolites more quickly from the body.
  • Route of administration. The metabolites of cannabis tend to stay in the body much longer if ingested orally than when smoked.
  • The potency of Cannabis. There are various forms of weeds with varying amounts of active metabolites such as THC. Some forms of cannabis have a very high amount of THC, which after ingestion, tends to stay longer in the body than other forms of cannabis.

Little can be done to accelerate the metabolism and excretion of cannabis and its metabolite in the body. Home remedies such as exercise, optimal hydration, and other detox methods are not as effective as many might think. However, there are various specially designed detox drinks and top-notch detox supplements like Toxin Rid have been found to be effective in aiding the quick metabolism and excretion of cannabis and its metabolite in the body.

How Long Does Weed Stay In Urine?

As you probably already know, urine tests are the most commonly used method of drug screening, especially among companies that make it routine for their employees and prospective employees. It involves collecting a urine sample in a container and taking it to the lab for proper analysis for the detection of active metabolites of illicit drugs.

Weed can be detected for up to 30 days or more in urine. Refer to “How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System” for more information about THC detection times in urine in relation to how much is ingested.

Toxin Rid Review

Many people do wonder how to get weed out of your system in 2023.  Well, one of the most prudent ways to get weed out of your system is with Toxin Rid pills. This product is a credible detoxifying alternative that has been proven to help individuals pass drug screening tests. Toxin Rid detox formula is available in pills that contain natural substances such as vitamins and minerals that accelerate the metabolism and excretion of cannabis and its metabolites in the body. It also includes dietary fluid and fibers that are necessary to help accelerate this function in the body in the most natural way possible with little to no adverse effects.

Toxin Rid comes in different courses which cater to different types of cannabis users, from mild users to heavy users. It is an effective detox supplement that does the job in less than 5 days preparing employees or prospective employees just in time for their drug screening tests, making it one of the fastest way to get weed out of your system. You can buy Toxin Rid online on or on Amazon with local and international shipping offers. This product is available at pocket-friendly prices depending on the course/package you choose. Toxin Rid offers a money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the results of the product.

Backup Plan: Synthetic Urine

Usually, if a person has smoked weed within 24-48 hrs of a drug test, synthetic urine is a credible option to help scale through the impending drug test. One prominent alternative or backup plan to the use of detoxifying supplements is the use of synthetic urine.

Synthetic urine or fake urine is a modified substance that can be used in place of normal human urine, especially during an unsupervised drug screening test. It contains essential urine constituents along with other synthetic urine kits to help keep it at optimal temperature so as not to get flagged during lab testing. To pass a drug screening test with fake urine, your urine needs to be switched with synthetic urine in a way that is undetectable by your assigned supervisor. This is only possible in an unsupervised drug screening test.

TestClear Powdered Human Urine Review

Testclear Powdered Human Urine is another synthetic urine alternative that is available in powdered form along with synthetic urine kits designed to produce fake urine for drug screening tests. This type of synthetic urine is unique in that it makes use of air-based heating technology which warms up your fake urine as soon as it comes in contact with air. This helps to keep the urine at an optimal temperature similar to normal human urine so as to avoid getting flagged during urine analysis.

It is very useful, especially in an unsupervised drug screening test. You can get this synthetic urine in online stores. It costs between $45-$50 however there is no money-back guarantee.

How Long Does Marijuana Stay In Your Hair?

Hair follicles are another way by which the use of illicit drugs is being tested for. About 1.5 inches of human hair is enough sample for the detection of illicit drug use. This is because drug metabolites get to the hair through the bloodstream in tiny blood vessels supplying the hair follicles and get stored in the sebum (fatty tissue of hair follicles) and sweat produced by the hair follicles. Following various studies, it has been found that cannabis and its metabolites can be detected for up to 90 days in hair follicles.

Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Review

This is an effective shampoo product used in the detoxification of hair follicles prior to a drug screening test involving hair follicles. It works by washing off any drug metabolites or toxins from hair follicles. Aloe Toxin Rid also helps to improve hair quality while giving the hair a nice and appealing odor.

Its common constituents Propylene Glycol and Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid makes it quite suitable for getting rid of metabolites of cannabis. It costs about $200. It can be shipped locally and globally and there is a money-back guarantee.

How Long Does THC Stay In Saliva?

When compared to other methods of detection of drug metabolites, saliva has a relatively short detection period. Cannabis and its metabolites can be detected up to 72 hrs after the ingestion of cannabis, especially in frequent smokers. While saliva is not a common method of THC screening test, it has been used in workplaces where the use of illicit drugs is illegal to detect its metabolites.

Toxin Rid Rescue Wash Mouthwash Review

This is a credible option for effective mouth detoxification in preparation for a saliva drug screening test. While its taste and smell might not be too pleasant for some individuals, it contains natural ingredients such as water, magnesium, glycerin, etc which are safe to use as there is little to no effect on one’s health. There are plenty of positive reviews surrounding the use of this product even with continuous usage of cannabis. The price is around $29.95 and can be shipped locally and globally from popular online stores. There is a money-back guarantee too.

How Long Does Weed Stay In Your Bloodstream?

Like urine, the detection period of cannabis and its metabolites varies depending on the amount and frequency of usage. However, the bloodstream accounts for the shortest detection window (2-12 hrs), especially in occasional cannabis users. In case of heavy use of cannabis, it can be detected up to 30 days post-last use. In short, just like urine, the higher the amount of cannabis taken and the frequency of use, the longer it gets detected in the bloodstream.


How long till you start to notice the effects of THC?

This depends on the mode of administration of cannabis. If you smoked weed, its effects can be noticed almost immediately. However, if ingested, it can take hours before its effects are noticed.

How long do the effects last before they stop being effective?

This depends on the chronicity of the use of cannabis. When used for a short term, its effects usually last 1-3 hrs. However, when used chronically, its effects may last for days.

How much time does a single weed-smoking session last in your body?

With a urine drug test being the most common variable here, a single session of weed smoking may be detected for up to 3 days in your urine.

If a drug test is not specifically done, will marijuana be detectable in my urine?

Definitely not. A urine analysis not designed for a drug test will not give a positive THC result.

Is cannabis legal?

Many places still consider cannabis to be unlawful, but more states are beginning to decriminalize and legalize it for both medical and non-medical purposes.


Cannabis is the most commonly consumed illicit drug in the world. While it is legal to use in some parts of the world, its use is illegal in other parts of the world. However, employers especially in the USA mostly prohibit the use of cannabis by their employees. It’s why drug screening tests are commonly done as part of employment processes.

The question “how long does delta 8 stays in your system” doesn’t have a straightforward answer as the detection period of cannabis in the body varies depending on what sample from the body is being tested. Also, while there are various suggested home remedies to pass a drug screening test, detoxifying supplements and synthetic products are your best bet in passing unsupervised drug screening tests especially if you are a chronic user.